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The Importance of Obituaries

When a loved one dies, one of the first things that many families think about is the necessity of obituaries. This short story is a way to showcase the recently deceased person's life, their accomplishments, and their legacy in a way that will reach a wide audience of people - even ones that had never met the deceased. Obituaries are published in many different outlets like newspapers, magazines, local newsletters and even in things like church bulletins, because they are trying to say something specific. Though obituaries are not something that those living will want to think about, sometimes it can be a good idea to have people let others know what they want said about them after they pass. 

Obituaries can say pretty much anything from basic information to elaborate stories. Though the longer obituaries tend to run in magazines and are used by the wealthy or prominent, even the short ones can still inject a bit of humor or include an anecdote. Some people are even choosing to write their own obituaries, saving their loved ones from having to do so after they pass. This can be considered a "parting gift", and will serve as something family members and friends can look at fondly. Another popular trend when people pass are "honest obituaries", where friends and family members take things like drug overdoses, preventable accidents and things of that nature and present the obituaries in a real way - not sugarcoating the death or problems and struggles that the individuals experienced. When writing obituaries, there is specific information that must be included like name, age, dates of birth and death, family member information and the place where the person lived, but after that, obituaries are a blank page.


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They can be as short or as long as is wanted (or necessary!) to tell the story of the person. They are used to let people, companies and other interested parties to know that someone has passed on. In many states, obituaries are required by law as a way to let creditors and other agencies know that someone has passed, making it possible for them to file claims, submit collection notices to the estate and terminate contracts. If this isn't done in the specified timeframe, the claims cannot be made, and the companies will lose out. Writing obituaries can be done by the deceased themselves, friends, family members or any other interested parties.


Sometimes, even the funeral directors will help those grieving put out obituaries as a way to be sure that the relevant information is included. With a great deal of experience on the topic, those that work in funeral homes may be able to help people accomplish what needs to be done efficiently immediately following a death - this can be exceptionally helpful for family members that are grieving the loss of a loved one. Obituaries are also called death notices, and can save people the trouble of trying to remember all of the different people that need to be notified when someone passes.


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As families are often going in many different directions and trying to plan funerals, burial arrangements, finding lawyers and dealing with the changes in lifestyle that come with losing a loved one, obituaries take care of much of this in place of making the family work harder. As a result of the changing times, today's obituaries now include many bits of information that prior obituaries may not have; though death is a difficult and trying time for the families who lose their loved ones, obituaries allow them a sense of closure and comfort, and a way to give a fitting goodbye for others to see to someone they care about.


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